Should you have any questions and/or concerns regarding this instance, please contact me via Matrix or email.

Several Simple Rules

  1. No information against the law of the Republic of Iceland, where the instance is hosted, shall be posted.
  2. No media file against the law of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, where the media files are in long-term storage, shall be uploaded.
  3. No information that may cause direct harm in the real world to others shall be allowed unless that person has done some form of direct harm in reality to anyone first, and you by posting such information, are seeking relief for the suffered.
  4. No spamming.
  5. Any speech is welcome as long as it does not violate the rules above or make the admin way too unhappy. Otherwise, a free helicopter ride would be offered.
  6. The line would be drawn at the admin's sole discretion. Suggestions with rationality would be welcome while no democracy will be offered here (since it has already been physically removed), so to speak. You are free to leave this instance if you are unhappy with it.
  7. If you do anything that makes me have to write a formal set of instance rules, I will find where you sleep along the internet cable and/or the Wi-Fi signal and send you for a free helicopter ride as mentioned above.

Privacy Policy

This homeserver stores all the information which a normal Matrix Synapse server may do. We promise to respect your privacy by not intentionally viewing it for purposes other than maintenance or responding to the request from the user that creates the data, and will not share the data with other entities, including all the governments, unless forced by law.

Please notice that if you use bridging services like and, the login credentials you provide will be stored on this server as well as the messages from the bridged services.

Please notice that currently registration approval tokens are sent through ProtonMail, and the Synapse emails (e.g. registration verification if you create the account with an email, email notifications, password reset, etc.) are sent through MailJet. (We may change this in the future.)

All the data, if not end-to-end encrypted, could be read in plaintext if one has access to the server. The administrator promises to respect your privacy to their best effort, but others, including law enforcement agencies, attackers, and the server service operator FlokiNET, may someday access the data (in case if they somehow gain the corresponding permissions). FlokiNET has a renowned reputation in protecting the privacy of their customers and usually never hands data to others unless required by law, however, we cannot guarantee that the server administrator will not be forced by their local law enforcement or that no attacker will gain access to the server, etc. The administrator will to his best effort prevent these from happening but can make no promise on them. So please weigh the risk on your own before using the services.